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Nostalgie Tours, Video & Consulting GesmbH ist ein geprüftes Tourismusziel auf Niederösterreicher Guide 3D und Panorama Tourismus Österreich
Rent a ship on the Wachau
The MS Marindl - our Danube Ship for your events. Business Events, Seminars, School Trips or your dream Wedding.
Enjoy wine tasting in Wachautal
Wine Tasting in the Danube Valley. Enjoy the breathtaking view while tasting regional wines.
Events and arrangements on our deck
Our Boats are the perfect location for your special events. Wedding, Business Events, Seminars or Club Meetings.
Experience Solstice with Nostalgie Tours
Expierence the solstice Cruise on the MS Mariandl or the MS Wien.

Culinary delights on your Danube ship from Nostalgia Tours Wachau

On the Danube ship MS Mariandl from Nostalgie Tours Wachau you will be offered an exclusive cuisine on request, so that you can also feel completely at home in culinary terms. Our offerings are varied both in food and beverages and made from high-quality products by our professional catering partner. At the MS Vienna limited snacks are offered.

At the MS Mariandl, the Danube ship of Nostalgie Tours Wachau, try the cold or warm buffets served by the catering service. On the occasion of your company celebration, the class trip, the family celebration or the club excursion, we serve a traditional Austrian cuisine of our trust. Exclusively for the 2012 season, we have jointly created a Wachau delicacy buffet, a rustic buffet and a wine menu, so that your trip on our Danube ship will also be a true (taste) experience in culinary terms.

You can also choose from a wide variety of drinks. On your rented Danube ship you can expect local and classic soft drinks such as Cola, Fanta and Almdudler, the popular Austrian herbal lemonade. Naturally, Nostalgie Tours Wachau also offers you various coffee and tea specialties as well as different types of beer. Fires, liqueurs and more.

Enjoy on your Danube ship from Nostalgie Tours Wachau not only the spectacular view, but also the hearty menu, which we can offer thanks to our catering partner. We look forward to your order.

Buffet on our boat trips - Weissenkirchen, Wachau, Krems
choose your variation  - Weissenkirchen, Wachau, Krems
we serve your offers  - Weissenkirchen, Wachau, Krems

charter ship

Request our catering folder for the SEIS 2016 as a sample, offer 2017 follows.

Order up to 6 weeks - number of persons up to 5 days before the trip.

Buffet cold, Hauerjause 1 - for 2017 on order

special orders for your buffet - book 6 weeks early - Weissenkirchen, Wachau, Krems
various kinds of buffets - individual offered by your wishes  - Weissenkirchen, Wachau, Krems
 Book your business event with us - Weissenkirchen, Wachau, Krems

Buffet hot / cold, Hauer buffet 2 € 19.50

  • Egg, tuna, liptauer and herbs spread
  • Mixed bread basket
  • Pork stew with dumpling and dumpling

Buffet warm, rustic 1 € 25.- or rustic 2 € 23.-


  • Wachauer, and raw ham finely garnished
  • Mixed bread basket

main dishes

  • Pork stew with dumpling and dumplings
  • Chicken throwned and baked with potatoes


  • Sweet temptations from the patisserie
  • Rustic 2 € 23.00 this buffet WITHOUT REFUND

Tasty buffet € 27.-

  • Wachau ham finely garnished with horseradish
  • Stuffed eggs
  • Räucherforellenmousse
  • Mixed bread basket
  • Pork stew with dumpling and dumplings
  • Boiled from the weiderind with potato pancakes, chives and apple chaff
  • Sweet temptations from the patisserie

FINGERFOOD - for 2017 on request

and also:

  • Stuffed jour bakery
  • Bread variation "home mixing"
  • Exclusive rolls
  • Roast beef, raw ham, pork fillet, duck breast, smoked salmon, curry prawns

* additional cheese dessert on order

our deck for you  - Weissenkirchen, Wachau, Krems
also single table - Weissenkirchen, Wachau, Krems
allways prepared for your offer - Weissenkirchen, Wachau, Krems

Drinks on the Danube boat from the own feeder ship Krems / Stein

Preise für die Saison 2016 / 2017 - Änderungen vorbehalten

  • Cola € 3,-
  • Almdudler € 3,-
  • Happy Day apple/orange 1L€ 9,-
  • 1/4 Happy Day apple/orange € 2,60
  • Rauch Marille, currant0,2 € 3,00
  • 1/4 Happy Day carbonated € 2,00
  • 1/2 Happy Day carbonated € 4,00
  • Römerquelle carbonated 0,75l € 4,20
  • Römerquelle still 0,75l € 4,20
  • 1/4 Mineral € 1,50
  • big brown/Mokka € 3,20
  • small brown/Mokka € 2,-
  • coffee € 2,90
  • Tea € 1,50
  • Zwettler Export Lager 0,5 € 3,50
  • Zwettler Original 0,33 € 3,20
  • 1/8 Veltliner € 2,20
  • 1/4 weiß carbonated € 2,60
  • 1/8 red € 2,20
  • 1/4 red carbonated € 2,60
  • Glas chamagne€ 3,70
  • Glas champagne Marille/orange€ 3,70
  • Bottle champagne € 24,-
  • Brand/liqueur 2cl € 2,50

Infomaterial der MS Mariandl
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